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7 Pcs Non-stick Knife Set with a peeler

7 Pcs Non-stick Knife Set with a peeler

$54.99 Regular Price
$43.99Sale Price


6 Pcs Non-stick Knife Set with a peeler

  • All in One Set 
  • %100 Non-stick blades
  • UltraSharp Blades
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Ergonomic Soft Touch Handles



Ceramic knives are popular with their sharper blades than any other knife. Additional to their sharpness, Royalty Line adds lightweight and comfortable/ergonomic handling feature.

Besides these characteristics, ceramic knives don't contain any metal ions like steel knives where your vegetables and fruits stay as original as they should be. They don't pass the smell or taste to your food at all.

Because ceramic doesn't take in any elements from your foods, it is easier to clean in your kitchen.

  • Product Description


    ( 7″ – 18 cm )

    Best for slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing, julienne cuts, disjointing large cuts of meat and even smashing garlic


    ( 8″ – 20 cm )

    Best for slicing bread without breaking or crushing


    ( 8″ – 20 cm )

    Best for cutting around the bone of meat, slicing roasts, large pieces of fish or salmon


    ( 5″ – 13 cm )

    Best for cutting larger vegetables and sandwich meats that are not large enough for a chef’s knife


    ( 3.5″ – 9 cm )

    Best for pairing and peeling vegetables and fruits


    Best for slicing pizzas


    Best for slicing variety of cheese


    Best for peeling vegetables and fruits with no effort

  • Use & Care Instructions

    Use & Care Instructions

    PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW CAREFULLY in order to avoid damages to your knife and prolong it’s lifetime in your kitchen.


    Please ensure to wash your ceramic knife with washing liquid and sponge (do not use metallic or hard side of the sponge) before its 1st use.


    • Ceramic Knives are great for cutting vegetables, fruits and boneless meat.
    • Prefer using a plastic or wooden cutting board (Don’t use the ceramic knife on hard surfaces like marble or glass)
    • Please wash it with your hands using warm water, soft sponge and washing liquid. Rinse it and dry it well before storing in cutlery tray or knife block


    When ceramic knives used properly, they do not need sharpening like stainless steel knives and stay sharper for longer time.

     DO NOT use stainless steel sharpeners with your ceramic knives


    Do not use cutting hard vegetables, hard fruits, meat with bones and frozen food

    Do not wash it in dishwasher

    Do not drop the knife on hard surfaces like; floor, sink, flatware, etc

    Do not touch the ceramic knife on fire (ceramic material conduct heat)

    Do not use the ceramic knife to smash hard food (ex: garlic)

    Do not use it for carving and boning as these actions apply pressure on the knife

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